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Redio Paito Wa

REDIO PAITO WA is a radio station specifically designed to reach millions of YORUBA tribe located at the Western part of Nigeria, the country that is the most populous black nation on the earth.
The radio station is purely a one-language station, YORUBA. This is a station that is being anchored by a man sent to teach the Yoruba race, Rev Gbade Ogunlana (Paito Wa). This station is an extension of the Yoruba teaching program, PAITO WA, which has been blessing millions of people in all of Yoruba lands for over two decades.

This is bringing the Gospel to the people in the language they understand. You can listen to Redio Paito Wa 24/7 on this page or you can download the Redio Paito Wa App on Google Play Store or the App Store.

Gba lati ayelujara

Redio Paito Wa

Tẹtisi awọn ẹkọ iyipada igbesi aye ti Ọrọ Ọlọrun lati Paito Wa nigbakugba ati nibikibi lori foonu rẹ

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